Sonoma County Library

“There is no problem that a library card can’t solve.” – Eleanor Brown

A county wide library system began to consolidate half a century ago, and the first joint powers agreement to join forces and create a regional system came about in 1975. Today, the library system has expanded to meet the growing needs of the diverse cities, communities and neighborhoods of Sonoma County.

The Sonoma County Library now operates 16 facilities, employs more than 260 people and offers 24/7 free resources through its website,

Backpacks and hiking guides, to WiFi hotspots and laptops.

Library services have changed, and while branches still include books and periodicals, patrons can check out backpacks and hiking guides, toolboxes, camera equipment, WiFi hotspots and laptops, along with CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and video games.

A key role the library plays in the lives of county residents is how it incorporates and supports technology literacy. Got a new iPad for a gift? Library staff can show you how to use it. Not sure how to use email? The library can help with that, too, through one-on-one tech help.

Our Library even comes to you.

Many county residents want the library to come to them, and that happens every day, in person and online. The library’s BiblioBus, a mobile library, travels all over the county, bringing books, technology and library staff to events, schools and underserved areas. An invigorated outreach effort will result in more librarians in more locations than ever before.

Online access to the library skyrocketed during COVID. You can download and read books or listen to audiobooks, research your ancestry, treat the kids to National Geographic programing, watch TV and movies, read national publications, and much more.