Celebrating Human Diversity

In July, Sonoma County Library celebrates Disability Pride Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the diversity and achievements of people with disabilities.

This observance aims to promote visibility, acceptance, and understanding of the disability community while challenging stigmas and stereotypes that often surround disability.

Central to Disability Pride Month is the celebration of disability as a natural part of human diversity. It encourages individuals to embrace their identities and reject the notion that disability equates to limitation or inferiority.

It emphasizes the strengths, talents, and contributions of people with disabilities across all aspects of society, from arts and culture to politics and sports. It encourages everyone to challenge ableism and work towards a world where all individuals, regardless of ability, can live with dignity, respect, and equal opportunity.

By promoting pride, empowerment, and advocacy, Disability Pride Month aims to create lasting change and build a more inclusive future for generations to come.

Sonoma County Library is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we reaffirm this in our Reimagining Plan by expanding access to technology, connectivity, and information access.

We have recently established a new Disability Advocacy Team, comprised of library staff, whose role is to assist in determining the need for services, infrastructure, and resources to meet the diverse needs of all members of Sonoma County’s disabled community. The team meets monthly and will collaborate on ideas for promoting services, outreach, programs, and collection needs of people with disabilities.

If you have suggestions for how to improve programs and services to the disabled community, please send them to info@sonomalibrary.org.

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