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Help us celebrate Women’s History month at the library!

This annual celebration serves as a crucial tribute to the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. It stands as a reminder of their resilience, strength, and commitment to progress despite facing systemic obstacles and discrimination. This month offers an opportunity to honor the pioneers who fought for women’s rights, such as suffragists who campaigned […]

Growing Our Mobile Library and Community Outreach

Over the past year, Sonoma County Library has made a concerted effort to increase our outreach into the communities that make up Sonoma County through our mobile library, at the branch level, and at the director level. Our BiblioBus is a mobile library van that holds up to 600 items to browse and borrow, including […]

Thank you for making 2023 a record breaking year!

Happy New Year! Sonoma County Library had a record breaking year in 2023. Here are just a few of our accomplishments: With 4.2 million checkouts last year, we had our highest circulation in seven years—since before the passage of Measure Y. We increased our physical circulation by 24 percent from 2022. By opening on Sundays, […]

Accept the Winter Reading Challenge!

You may be aware of Sonoma County Library’s Summer Reading Program, but did you know that we also offer a Winter Reading Challenge? This is the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book and a warm beverage of your choice. During these cold and dark nights, I prefer a cup of […]

Celebrating Friends of the Library

In the bustling world of libraries, a group of unsung heroes works tirelessly to ensure that our institutions remain vibrant hubs of learning, knowledge, and community engagement. The Friends of the Library are a dedicated group of volunteers who play a crucial role in supporting and promoting the vital work of libraries. At Sonoma County […]

The Library Where You Are

Sonoma County Library is always seeking ways to expand access to our services and collections. Two key components of our Reimagining Plan are to provide opportunities for all to learn, contribute, interact, and participate; and supporting community resiliency. A key element of increasing access countywide is through our BiblioBus, a mobile library van that holds […]

Use Your Library Card to “Check Out” the Great Outdoors

Do you know that in addition to checking out books and DVDs at your local library, Sonoma County Library also provides materials to help you enjoy the great outdoors? The library is proud to participate in two initiatives that provide greater access to both regional and state parks, via our California State Parks Pass program […]

Lunch at the Library

Recent news reports highlight an increased demand placed on food banks due to the rising costs of groceries and termination of emergency allotments of the California food assistance program known as CalFresh. This affects families both locally and statewide. Fortunately, Sonoma County Library is helping families struggling with food insecurity by offering free summer lunch […]